BioOne keeps drain lines, grease traps, and septic systems flowing freely.

BioOne eliminates build-up such as fats, oils and grease that slow down and clog drains and the insides of pipes. The friendly bacteria eat their way through the waste eliminating the problem. Through natural biological digestion, waste build-up in drains is eliminated. BioOne is economical and safe for the environment. BioOne is so powerful it’s patented. Patented protection against pipe build-up, clogs and costly messes.

What Is BioOne Good For?

BioOne is great for septic tanks and fields, residential and commercial drains, and grease traps.

Why BioOne Is Great!

BioOne is great because it helps break down the solid waste and sludge in septic tanks and fields, pipes, and grease traps to lessen the chance of issues like clogs from sludge.

How Is BioOne Applied?

BioOne is applied by adding one ounce per drain per month. For septic tanks and field it is recommended to add one jug after a tank cleaning.

What is BioOne?

  • BioOne is the best environmental solution for wastewater – drain lines, septic tanks, drain fields, grease traps and more
  • BioOne is the safest & best product to degrade FOG (fats, oils, & grease) and other organics that find their way down drains
  • BioOne maintains operation and restores normal flow of drain lines, septic systems and grease straps in all types of situations
  • BioOne surpasses any other product you will find in the marketplace
  • BioOne is manufactured above generally accepted manufacturer standards
  • Each batch of BioOne goes through over 100 quality control checks
  • BioOne is a ready-to-use 64oz. solution for homeowners and commercial accounts (food service establishments)
  • BioOne is far superior to other “bio” products. Other typical Bio-products are spore based microbes which need optimal conditions to work, and contain enzymes which only liquefy FOG and do not meet water standards
  • BioOne thrives in any environment that you introduce it in
  • BioOne is all-natural and U.S EPA Safer Choice Program recognized (2015, 2016 and 2017 EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award!)
  • BioOne is composed of 100% live vegetative microbes that are non-pathogenic, non-hazardous, and safer for people, pipes, and pets

Application Rates

Septic: 1 jug per year when emptied
Drains: 1 ounce per month per drain
Grease traps: Site visit to calculate waste flow and size

How Much Does It Cost?

1 jug: $64.99
2 jugs: $100.00

Available For Pickup?

Pickup is available at King’s Services if called ahead to schedule a time and a face mask is worn.

BioOne Auto-Dispensing System

The BioOne auto-dispensing system can eliminate costly grease-related problems which cause slow and stopped drains. The system automatically meters the correct amount of BioOne, keeping main drain lines flowing and improving the efficiency of the grease trap.

BioOne is the most effective microbial drain treatment available, and BioOne is completely natural: No soaps, no harsh chemicals, no premixing, no waiting. Just start the system and go. Simple, safe, and dependable.

Live vegetative bacteria are dispensed via the programmed auto-dispensing system. Once in the drain line and grease trap, these friendly organisms immediately begin consuming oil, grease, and other organic matter.

Emulsification of grease and oil is in violation of many local regulations. Unlike other products, BioOne will not emulsify grease or oil. BioOne literally consumes oil and grease and organic matter, converting it to carbon dioxide and water. BioOne improves wastewater quality be reducing Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), and Total Suspended Solids (TSS) contaminate levels

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