With winter pretty much here, it’s time to remember those who work and play in the field by providing heated toilets on construction sites and outdoor events.

Winnipeg, Manitoba – There are things people consider and things people don’t consider but should. One of those things businesses in “Winterpeg” ought to consider is heated portable toilets for construction sites and events. With daily average temperatures in January at -13 C, it only makes sense to supply people who work outdoors with heat. Respected local business, King’s Services has been providing and manufacturing heated and luxury portable toilet structures for businesses and events for over three decades and understands that there are certain things that in life people just cannot do without.

“We’re a local business with over one hundred and twenty five years of combined experience of sanitation experience,” says owner Steve Moon. “We’ve been working with companies and homeowners to assess and clean their septic tanks, as well as, local businesses to provide construction site access to appropriate sanitation. This business we’re in gives us a unique perspective on the needs of people in our area. Clean, heated sanitation is an absolute priority for most people and that’s the promise we try to deliver on. We need to remember those people who work outdoors and provide them with what they need.”

The company’s ability to provide quick, efficient, professional services to Winnipeg residents is why they have grown from a five person operation to owning a fleet of trucks that can be dispatched same-day. Whether it is providing a backup toilet should there be extensive repairs being performed on the indoor plumbing or heated portable units for new construction, King’s Services says it can be there at once. Moon explains that having the appropriate sanitation in place, whether that is a well-draining septic field or a clean, warm toilet on a construction site is invaluable to the happiness of those who have to use them.

“Heated toilets are something more people take for granted until they have to work outdoors in winter,” he says. “That’s when they understand how necessary it is. We have an extremely brutal winter climate here that makes it difficult for people in various situations. This is just one of them, but it is why we do what we do.”

King’s is the only company in their region with a COR Safety Certification and has addressed the issue of quality and safety with all of their employees and technicians. As the company launches its new plumbing and drain cleaning services in the New Year, Moon believes they will continue to provide excellence and professionalism on all of their jobs. “We didn’t get to stay in business for thirty years without knowing how to treat customers,” says Moon. “As we move forward into twenty-eighteen I want to assure all of our current clients and customers that we will bring the same level of detail and professionalism along with us.”

Article by: Zoey Thompson, Features Editor